The Club's Echolink Node has been in continuous operation since December 2007. We invite all licensed amateurs to use it. It is located in the hills just north of Lompoc California. It has demonstrated good coverage in the Santa Maria Valley, the Five Cities area, Lopez Lake, Lompoc, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and parts of San Luis Obispo.


Frequency: 145.710 Simplex 
P/L: None 
Antenna: DB-224 
Radio: Yaesu FT-227R (Memorizer)
RF Output: 10 Watts
Interface: Homebrew
Call W6AB-L
Node #: 367989
Latitude: 34.8
Longitude: -120.5 


#00 System Status
#09 Disconnect Last Station that joined
* + node number Join any Echolink node by entering node number after the
star (*) symbol

While the location is excellent, it is rather remote and there is no phone line Internet connectivity. Connection is accomplished through RF links on 2.4 GHz and 5.7 GHz. It took a while to get all this to work properly, but operation has been very stable since December 2007.

Because the system is open, we ask you to leave the system as you found it. If you add nodes to the system, please disconnect them when you are done.